Ukrposhta. The national postal operator in Ukraine

Ukrposhta. The national postal operator in Ukraine The national post operator of Ukraine – the state entity of “Ukrpost” (Ukrainian – Ukrposhta), is a part of department of the Ministry of infrastructure of the country. Such structure has been created in 2002 by the special… Read more

Belarus Post. Main regulations. Delivery methods

Belarus Post Main regulations RUE Belpochta (Republican Unitary Enterprise), formed on the basis of Ministry of Communications of BSSR is the governmental postal operator in Belarus. The company provides services to the population and organizations in the field of internal and international shipping, banking, pensions… Read more

Russian Post. The correct way to receive your parcel

Russian Post. The correct way to receive your parcel – the national postal operator whose activity is regulated by the Charter and other regulatory documents. The organization provides a plenty of services for the individuals and legal persons in communication, commerce and finance. One… Read more

Russian Post. Main regulations & delivery methods

Russian Post. Main regulations & delivery methods Each Russian fan of Internet shopping should face the state post operator of the Russian Federation – the Russian Post enterprise sooner or later. And how successful and productive this communication will be – depends not only on… Read more

Singapore Post and Singapore Speedpost

The full name of the national postal operator in Singapore is Singapore Post Limited. This quite an extended corporation is constantly developing and currently comprises a chain with more than 60 affiliates and 40 subsidiary companies.  Singapore Post Limited provides domestic and international communicational services,… Read more

Hongkong Post and Hongkong Speedpost

Hongkong Post  Hongkong Post is not an independent establishment but a structural subdivision of Chinese Postal Operator China Post. Such a hierarchy was established in 1997 when the former British colony Hongkong served as the part of People’s Republic of China, yet preserving it autonomy… Read more

Yanwen, BL-Russia, Quanetong, ZTO

Yanwen, BL-Russia, Quanetong, ZTO Another popular among Chinese sellers logistic company. Tracking number begins with 0, as in the example 030, 013ХХХХХХХХХ.  Mail tracking can be done on the website even in the Russian Federation as after the item crosses the state boarder it receives… Read more

China Post

China Post A growing tendency to order various goods on Chinese websites and virtual trading platforms can be noticed among Ukrainian and Russian customers now. The major attraction of such services is low price and a great range of products. General facts Even though China… Read more

If the parcel from abroad are detained by customs

If the parcel from abroad are detained by customs Sooner or later, the average customer of foreign online stores (Phys. Person) is faced with a situation when you have to communicate with the customs service itself. It happens not often, but if happens, this situation… Read more

DHL delivery srvice and customs of Russia

DHL delivery srvice and customs of Russia Numerous foreign on-line shops as well as eBay auction sellers (especially European ones) may send your purchase with the help of DHL Express courier service (not to confuse with DHL – Post of Germany). A natural person who… Read more

Customs services in Russia Ukraine Belarus

Customs services in Russia Ukraine Belarus Shopping online on eBay auction and European or American online shops, you may face a need to encounter customs service of your country.  Customs is responsible for monitoring all imported and exported mail, checking its content due to legislation… Read more

How to choose glasses

How to choose glasses Choosing glasses, wither optical or sun-prove ones is not an easy task even if you have the opportunity to try the product in front of the mirror and listen to the opinions of others. But what if you buy glasses online?… Read more

Size of clothes. Terms

Size of clothes. Terms Buying clothing in foreign Internet-shops and auctions particularly such as eBay, you can often face the fact that instead of the usual size scales the product description includes actual sizes, which are often not easy to understand. However, any experienced Internet-shopper… Read more

How to choose the correct size

How to choose the correct size When shopping for clothes and shoes in foreign Internet – stores, the most pain taking problem is the size selection. It seems to be simple, given the desired size of shoes, shirts, jacket you just choose and buy the… Read more

Refurbished goods

Refurbished goods While shopping online on US online shops at auctions, you are likely to encounter the term «Refurbished» applied to equipment sold with a significant discount that denotes the state of the item. The people who are used to either new or used goods… Read more

Calling foreign internet stores

Calling foreign internet stores While shopping online you may face a situation of urgent need to contact the seller when the common ways of communication that do not require profound knowledge of English as e-mail cannot offer the necessary rapidness.  All is left is a… Read more

How to choose jeans

How to choose jeans Jeans is one of the most comfortable and wearable piece of contemporary wardrobe. The abundance of colors and styles presented makes it possible to make the jeans an integral part of almost any style. Of course, provided that they the owner… Read more Shipping from the USA Shipping from the USA   Buy online in store with delivery from the USA to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, you can filling the simple form of order. Shop is one of biggest-selling discount shops. In a shop you can purchase clothes and shoe… Read more Zara shop in USA

Shop – Spanish fashion brand Zara, which rapidly gained popularity around the world due to the fact that the designers of clothing ZARA very sensitively and efficiently track all fashion trends and provide them to their customers in their new collections of clothes Zara.… Read more