How to increase sales on the eBay

How to increase sales on the eBay It doesn`t matter whether you are new to online auctions at eBay, or already a seasoned seller, the following 10 tips will help you to increase interest in your lots and, accordingly, to increase sales. Take payment in… Read more

How to put your eBay lot on sale

How to put your eBay lot on sale As you already know, before putting your lot on sale you should register on the eBay network auction and get a “Seller” status. Firstly think over all the details. Never act by guess. Before putting your lot… Read more

Lot`s description on the eBay

Lot`s description on the eBay When you decide with product, that will be put on sale, and its price, you should compose an effective description that will attract potential Customers and increase product`s popularity. It`s very important to describe a product you propose with maximal… Read more

Seller`s registration on the eBay

Seller`s registration on the eBay So, you have passed the first stage of registration on the network auction eBay: “Purchaser`s registration on eBay”, acquired some experience, and already feel that you are accustomed and ready to start selling. Cheer up: Seller`s registration (as well as… Read more

How to find an eBay`s niche

How to find an eBay`s niche A lot of Sellers start selling on eBay with those things that they have and do not need. And it is a quite reasonable solution. Firstly, it will bring much more revenue than the so-called “Garage” sale, especially that… Read more

Seller`s tools on eBay auction

Seller`s tools on eBay auction In this article we will try to make a brief overview of the tools and services offered by forr eBay auction sellers. Recently, the choice variety has expanded considerably and novice users sometimes find it not easy to understand the… Read more

Sale formats on eBay

Sale formats on eBay As you probably already know, the bids on the online auction eBay are conducted according to certain rules. Sellers, in expose of their product in a listing status (lot), choose the format of trade and therefore a set of rules according… Read more

Items, banned for sell on the eBay

Items, banned for sell on the eBay Before you put up lot for sale it is recommended for a Seller to look through the list of items, the sale of which is either prohibited or limited on eBay. This will help to avoid many potential… Read more

eBay Tips on selling

eBay Tips on selling Now we will try to summarize the recommendations, which are given to the novices in eBay selling auction by experienced Sellers, who have already achieved some success. This guide is not a dogma, and many questions are likely to be controversial… Read more

Correos sending from Spain

Correos sending from Spain The full name of the national postal service in Spain is Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, S.A. It is simply referred to us as Correos, which is translated from Spanish as „post”. The history of this organization dates back to the Middle… Read more

Delivery from Online shops

Delivery from Online shops So you bought something (ordered something) in a foreign internet store. The first question that arises is how to get it as soon as possible. Usually, foreign online internet stores do not provide their customers with a wide range of delivery… Read more

Tracking from Eurore’s online stores

Tracking from Eurore’s online stores Almost every customer, who became a client of an online store, sooner or later faces the need to find out at what stage now is the order sent to him. Especially this is true for cases when the time of… Read more

Roal Mail and delivery from GB

Royal Mail Holding PLC is the state postal service company in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, founded in 1516. There is a division working under the name of “Royal Mail” that is engaged in sending mail and parcel around the country… Read more

UPS service

UPS service The American company UPS specializes in the transportation of goods and urgent documents. Abbreviation UPS stands for United Parcel Service, which means “united parcel delivery service.” Founded in 1907 in Seattle, Washington, UPS conceived as an ordinary private company providing courier services. However,… Read more


BorderFree (until 2013 – FiftyOne) – American company engaged in the organization of the delivery of goods all over the world from the US online stores. Representative of its located in Toronto, Dublin, Tel Aviv and Shanghai. The main activity at the moment – to… Read more

Delivery from ebay USA

Delivery from ebay USA Of course, when working with any of the branches of eBay auction raises issues related to the delivery of goods purchased. I must say that, despite the apparent complexity, of course, all these issues are easily solved. Goods are usually sent… Read more

FedEx American company

FedEx American company founded in 1971 under the “full” name of Federal Express, engaged in postal and courier shipment special correspondence, as well as logistics and delivery of goods in more than two hundred countries around the world. FedEx employs more than 17 thousand employees,… Read more

Government United States Postal Service

Government United States Postal Service (USPS – United States Postal Service) is the largest shipping operator in the United States. She founded back in 1775. USPS popularity is due to the convenience of a wide variety of delivery methods, and reasonable prices. But on the… Read more

Kazpost. The national postal operator in Kazakhstan

The national postal operator in Kazakhstan is called PLC Kazpost. It is a national Company that provides services to citizens and organizations on delivery of internal and international mail as well as issue and maintenance of plastic debit cards and money transfers. The Republic of… Read more